Recording Artist,Songwriter,Performer and

Former Vice Governor

No other Filipino entertainment icon has created a sensation and continues to be so than the Music Icon -----Imelda Papin. Indeed, she  is the quintessential performer who captivates her audience with her vocal prowess and dynamic stage presence earning the respect and admiration of a wide range of audience.  Acting as the Philippines’ Ambassadress of Goodwill, she has promoted her country’s positive image through her heartfelt and endearing performances. Her transformation from a simple country girl to a stylish performer is an inspiration to those who dream and stay the course.  Her being in the music scene for 30 years attests to her staying power and the ceaseless acclamation of her millions of Filipino and foreign fans.

Internationally-Acclaimed Sentimental Songstress

She is the first Filipino who performed at the main showroom at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Bally’s in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ms. Papin also did concert tours in Europe, Australia, Asia and in major cities of the United States of America.  She has been a most requested artist to perform for heads of states, kings, princes and other royalty members from all over the world.  Also, she is the first Filipino artist who hosted a three-hour telethon on Channel 18 in Los Angeles, California.

Multi-Awarded Performer

A recipient of numerous awards, she was conferred honorary titles such as Asia’s Sentimental Songstress, Undisputed Juke Box Queen of the Philippines for five (5) consecutive years, Concert Queen, Idol of the Masses, Internationally-Acclaimed Filipino Songstress, Total Entertainer, Queen of Music, Best Talent Show Host and the Most Charitable Showbiz Personality and many more, thus, elevating her to the Hall of Fame.

Entertainment Icon

Her success story is unprecedented in the Philippine entertainment world and recording industry.  To date, she has recorded more than 50 albums and CDs in Filipino, English, Spanish, Greek, Thai and different Filipino dialects (Bicol, Ilocano, Visayan, Waray, Pampango, Pangasinense and Muslim).  She has produced many hit records, most of them reaching gold and platinum status. Held record-breaking concerts with  more than 30,000 people in attendance, where security became inadequate that she had to be hoisted out of the arena by crane!

Total Artist

Starred in seven (7) films, at one time, pairing her with the King of Philippine Movies, Fernando Poe, Jr.  Recorded an album featuring a duet with Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines, the launching of which was shown on CNN (USA) and covered by Good Morning America host, Cindy Adams, and Johnny Carson of the Johnny Carson Show.  She hosted a talent show on Channels 9 and 13 in the Philippines where outstanding new talents were discovered.  Given an award as  the Best Talent Show and as Best Talent Show Host with co-host Eddie Mercado. Recently,did a television variety program called The Imelda Papin Show (T.I.P.S.) on Channel 9 showcasing the best of Filipino talents and a segment which provided help to the less fortunate.  Former Miss Republic of the Philippines beauty pageant semi Finalist held in 1976, where she was awarded the Best Talent, before joining the recording industry. Did a TV Show entitled “The Imelda Papin in America”L.A., Ca.

Outstanding Vice Governor

When she decided to enter the world of politics in 1995, she vowed to embody public service and serve the needs of the public, especially the marginalized sector of society.   She is the only woman to be elected. as well as re-elected  as Vice Governor in the province of Camarines Sur in the Philippines.  The province has benefited from her numerous projects such as the establishment of the Integrated People’s Centers in every municipality, school buildings, scholarship program and her milk-feeding program which fed close to 300,0000 schoolchildren and street children.  Her sterling record of accomplishments were given due recognition by presenting her the Most Outstanding Vice Governor of the Philippines Award.

Humanitarian Citizen

She continues helping the less fortunate through the Imelda Papin Foundation, inc.  She feels that it is one way of paying back the public who supported her through the years. Part of the proceeds from her concerts and records go to designated beneficiaries and noteworthy projects. Last year, she had a meaningful birthday celebration by mounting a fund-raising concert at the Normandie Casino in Los Angeles, California for the benefit of the juvenile patients at the Philippine General Hospital, after which she flew to the Philippines to donate money intended for  the juvenile patients suffering from diabetes, cancer and heart disease and recently, giving dialysis treatment to the indigents located at Quezon City General,Hospital in cooperation with the Eminence Homecare Dialysis Center.